Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From a young age, candy was a part of my being. My grandparents were successful vending machine suppliers. We’d go for visits and have the luxury of heading to the basement to pick one treat, anything we desired. I remember walking down the stairs for the first time, wide-eyed, nervous, anxious, excited. “Anything Grandpa? Really?” “Yes Darling! You can take two if you promise not to tell Grandma!”

In my eyes the basement was magical, but really, it was a typical basement with cement walls and rows of cardboard boxes.  The only difference being, the cardboard boxes were filled with any candy, chip, cookie, or junk food you desired. Candy Buttons were always a favorite, although I’m not sure why. I guess it’s the concept rather than the taste. Quite frankly, they taste like shit, and you always end up eating the paper because they don’t pull off perfectly.

When I have a sweet nostalgic moment like this one, remembering that moment, I want to share it. Every time I see Candy Buttons, I remember that day with Grandpa. It brings me joy.  Lollishoppe is my passion. One day, I hope to create a sweet nostalgic moment for you.

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